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Water Cleanup & Restoration

Emergency Water and Flood Restoration Services

All Restore, LLC serves all your emergency water restoration and construction needs in Berks and all surrounding Counties in Pennsylvania. Whether your water damage is caused by flood, frozen/broken pipes, drain backup, appliance failure, ice backup or any other emergency, no job too big or small. Give us a call any time day or night, our crews are ready to help you. We treat you just like family.


Get Help And Get It FAST!

Whenever your home or business is affected by flooding or a water leak, it is critical that you get help immediately! When water damage is not dealt with right away, it can travel to unaffected areas, cause costly and permant damage, or even lead to mold growth. The sooner the water is extracted and the affected area is professionally dried, the better off you will be.

At All Restore, LLC, we provide FAST professional water damage service 24/7. No matter what time you call, we’ll respond right away and are fully prepared to get right to work. We utilize the most advanced state-of-the-art moisture detection and extraction technology to locate the source of the water, determine the extent of the damage, and to ensure your property is completely dried. No matter what the extent of the damage, you can feel confident knowing your home or business is in great hands with All Restore, LLC.


THE Local Family Owned & Operated Restoration Company

We’re proud residents of Berks County and are a completely independant family owned & operated restoration company. Unlike nationwide companies commonly staffed by entry level employees, each and every job done by All Restore, LLC is quoted and managed by the company owner – from start to finish. When you choose All Restore, LLC, we treat your home or business as if it were our own.

Serving our neighbors in Southeastern Pennsylvania:

  • Berks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Lehigh County
  • Chester County
  • Lancaster County
  • Lebanon County
  • Dauphin County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Carbon County
Water Damage Cleanup Equipment Boxxer
Water Damage Cleanup State of the art equipment
Water Removal Cleanup State of the art equipment
Water Damage Cleanup State of the art equipment

State-of-the-Art Drying Equipment and Technology

Water damage isn’t always as straightforward as extracting and drying water. In many cases, the water may be contaminated and pose a potential threat to your health. Floodwaters, sewage backups, and even clean water that has been stagnant for several days are considered contaminated and will require additional measures be taken to restore the health of your property.

At All Restore, LLC, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right each and every time. We’ll sanitize and deodorize any affected areas that have been in contact with contaminated water.

We’ll arrive at your home or business fully equipped and ready to get started. We have air movers, dehumidifiers, subfloor drying equipment, and the latest technology to take care of your water damage problem fast.


We're There For You From Start To Finish

When water disaster strikes your home or business, it can be hard to know where to turn. During this stressfull time, you can count on the locally owned professional services at All Restore, LLC to get your home or business completely back to normal. We are fully licensed and insured to deal with every type and size of residential and commercial restoration.

For us, no job is too big or too small. We are fully certified to provide water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, flood damage restoration, and mold removal and remediation.

When you choose our damage restoration service you have selected a local family owned and operated company that cares, sincerely. We offer direct billing to your insurance company in order to minimize the stress on you and to expedite the restoration process. At All Restore, LLC we are always there when you need us, and we have someone on hand 24/7 because we know that disaster can strike at any time. If you are in need of residential or commercial damage restoration services, please give us a call today. We’re ready to help!


8 Simple Tips To Avoid Water Damage

1. Know where your water main shut-off valve is

Tag it and be sure everyone knows where it is. Going away on vacation? Have a friend check your home while you are gone. Consider closing your water main valve when you are away for extended periods of time. Talk to your plumber.

2. Inspect/Maintain Your Gutters

Ensure your gutters are cleaned routinely and direct downspouts 5’ to 10’ away from your foundation. Slope/landscape the exterior of your building or home away from your structure.

3. Prepare before winter arrives

Disconnect all water hoses to outside spigots to prevent frozen pipe scenarios. It is also a good idea to drain these water valves and lines prior to the winter season

4. Prevent appliance disasters

Check all connections to your washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker, toilet, and sinks. Consider using high pressure braided stainless steel hoses where you can. They are available at the local hardware store or home improvement center.

5. Sump Pumps Can Save The Day

Check your sump pump frequently. Make sure you also have a battery back-up system in place in case there is a power failure.

6. Insulate exposed pipes

Ensure all pipes especially those along exterior walls are properly insulated. Open sink cabinet doors during cold temperatures to allow warmer air into this area and prevent freezing.

7. Deal with ice and snow before it causes an issue

Look for ice dams on your roof. Have them professionally removed so melting snow will not back up the roof and into your home or business causing water damage.

8. Water Alarms Can Save The Day

Many times, washing machines can spring a leak and run all night, flooding a space without the homeowner even being aware of the issue.  One of the lease expensive investments you can make to prevent water damage is the purchase of a water alarm. These devices are extremely effective and immediately detect water, sounding a shrill alarm to alert you before flooding takes place.

You can view much of this information on the internet but nothing is better than having a discussion with your insurance agent, one of our restoration professionals here at All Restore, LLC or your local plumber and contracting professionals. We are available all hours of the day or night, any time of year, 24/7, to assist you even if it’s just to answer questions. We own homes and businesses too and we will help any way we can.

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